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COTA Controls Your Mind
And owns your soul.

the trip to the gallery was fun, educational and whatnot. For those of you who knew about it and didn't go, nyah nyah. For those who didn't know, we're sorry and you'll be better informed in the future. (I didn't know until the day before, so yeah.)

This week is finals (EVERYBODY PANIC.) so don't go to club. If you do, you're silly. So there.

The next club gallery is feb. 8th, so prepare yourselves.

Here are Mr. Berman's notes on:

Being a Professional Artist


Types of art: writers, performers, visual – types of visual: sculpture drawing/painting, photo, installation, conceptual, ‘social sculpture,

* Why Make Art?
o Have a passion for it
o Have a philosophy for why it works
+ My mission as an artist is to promote creativity
# to make art that Gets people to think creatively about the world and Inspires people to be more creative in what they do
# to do art projects where other people need to be creative to participate
* How to get good
o Practice! Look at your work, show it to other people, decide how to make it better, then make more art. Then practice more! You’ll need to make some art when you don’t feel like it.
o School – Art school? Major in Art? Master of Fine Arts?
* How to Live as an Artist and still pay the bills – (Must always stay true to your philosophy) some ways:
o Flexible job with time to make art (like substitute teacher)
o A job that lets you be creative and work on other people’s art (beware of creativity drain)
o Make money doing your art
* How to make money as an artist – sell art, get grants, teach art, licensing and illustration, other… -must show art.
* Types of shows: solo show, small group show, juried show, salon, experience/other
* Places to Show Art
o Museums – select the best artists
o Commercial Galleries – have a “stable” of a certain type of artists, and a set of customers who buy that art. They take %50.
o Non-profit galleries – not worried about selling art. Get grants and donations to promote art. SoEx, The Lab, Intersection,
o Cooperative and consignment galleries – CityArt, Artist Xchange
o Alternative galleries – Budget Gallery, livingroom gallery
o Cafes, restaurants, hair salons, etc.
o Sidewalk display
o Corporations
o Show with friends – Galileo, Balazo, anywhere
o Magazines, online, cafepress.com
* Promoting your art
o Basic packet: Slides (or jpegs) – better look good, slide list, artist resume, bio, artist statement
+ Artist statement: why you do your art – what direction are you going – what’s your story?
o Nowadays – Website
o Press releases – should have a good story
o Agents, Representatives – probably not good.
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Soooooo... good talk by Mr. Berman!! Yep!

Honestly I don't know what to write currently since I'm too lazy to type Mr. Berman's printout onto the page at the moment. But I'll eventually do it, or scan a copy of it up. Good stuff to know for living or/and working as an artist.

ugh. Really tired, stressed exhausted. No goofy ramblings today. Stay in school(Those who cannot do, teach...). Not to insult teachers in any way. They are the pillars of our scholastic community. Yeeeaaaah. I'll stop now.

Edit: I spelled scholastic wrong. And community. Is that irony?
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ok so the following people are now OFFICIALLY committed (shudder) to the club, and by each name are letters that you should have put down to represent the medium you're most interested in:

Brittney ~WVP
Katie ~P
Brandon ~
Danielle ~WP
Fontaine ~V
Ashley ~V
Amy ~WP
Michael ~WP
Otis ~VP
Nicholas ~WP
Suzanne ~WP
Todd ~V
Veronica ~P
Kimberly ~P

W= writing V= visual art P= photography

and then of course Stacey and myself.

if there's anything wrong with the list, let us know and we'll fix it.

Next Meeting: As our first guest speaker, Todd Berman talks about life as an artist! Get stoked!

oh and P.S.

I made this. Maybe I should have incorporated lions?
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Hey guys!!!
Soy Alanna, y estoy bien. Por que?

Well....Because today was the year's first COTA gallery!
Personally, I think it did pretty well, considering what I've heard about the last one. A ton of people showed up, which was good, and the pizza was muy delicioso (though gone astonishingly fast).

BUT- my darling duckies, WE CAN DO A WHOLE LOT BETTER. First off, while the work that was put up was dandy, let's see if we can get some more up there next time. (Unless there are less club members than I think there are, which could be VERY possible, and in which case, great job guys, shut up Alanna)
Also, if you guys could get your work in to a club officer or possibly Mr. Becker or Ms. Morrison before the gallery starts, that would be great. It would make setting the art up a lot less chaotic, as well as giving people more time to view your pieces. Everybody wins.

More thoughts:

1. while the fliers did a FANTASTIC job in getting people into the room, keeping them there was another story. maybe next time make the whole free pizza thing a little less... i dunno, i guess i'm just saying let's make it so it's not the center of attention. after all, we don't want to spend all our precious club money on a bunch of careless freeloaders who don't even know what club they're walking into.

2. next time, let's see if we can take a few pictures, maybe get them up on g-house tv or the gal website. a promotional kind of thing, you know.

3. advertising will get us everywhere, so let's try to get on g-house tv! whether we advertise a gallery or the club itself, it will be good publicity. unless you make me dance in the ad. that would be very bad publicity.

So fellas, it seems like COTA's finally up and moving at a decent pace. But why settle for decent when we could be great? at the next meeting, for those of you who actually read this site, i.e. me and maybe one other club member, let's shift gears. with all the resources we have, let's take COTA to new heights!!

-YFN Alannaman.

P.S. I feel kinda sick. This whole inspiration speaking thing is not my bag.

Current Location: a secret lair you will never see.
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: something in french. i like french.

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supsupsup people!!

ok... this is the less responsible club officer speaking...
um, just posting to say happy almost halloween!! (i am SO stoked, been waiting 365 days for this... but yea)


Arty-Sites Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-checkitout
^for every type of art imaginable...great for browsing for inspiration.

(heh i almost wrote allpottery.com... not to knock pottery or anything. it is a respectable art. and handy. mmyea.)

^good for photography.

^ this one is Mr.Berman(Todd)'s website and definitely worth checking out.

well, that's all i have for now, but i'm sure stacey knows of more. i'll keep adding 'em as i find them.

that's it. just remember to HAVE A BADASS HALLOWEEN!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
oh man these crack me up.

your friendly neighborhood alannaman.
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NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month is about to start. All through November nanowrimo.org has contest/program/etc for people to write 50,000 word rough drafts for stories. It's a neat thing. Check it out!

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my name is alanna. i'd like a piranha. i once saw an iguana. it was crawling on my umbrella when i was in hawaii visiting my deranged aunt. iguanas are some crazy cats. ANYWAY....

FIRST POST OF COTA!!! *sniff* our baby's growing up so fast... better break out the champagne!! you are witnessing the maiden voyage of COTA!!!

listen up you groove cats, i'm gonna lay down the 411 on this here jive happenin, ya dig? so keep it chill, daddy-o, chill.


ok guys, food festival is coming up, and the top choices are:

1. curly fries (mmm so tasty)
2. churros
3. ice cream


our first gallery of the year will be on NOV. 9th, so have your 3 (or more, if you're a filthy overachiever :P) pieces ready by then! but hey, no pressure, right?

remember, the topics are:

1. disposable heroes

2. life and/or death

3. an expression of YOU. (could be a self-portrait, life story, anything that expresses who you are as a person. in introduction of you as an artist. a piece that has YOU written all over it. perhaps literally.)

and while none of these topics are MANDATORY with a capital "eww", the idea of the gallery is that all the pieces are tied together in a way, ne? so it'd be nice if you followed that general idea.

you know, not to harsh you buzz or anything dude. thrash your mellow. kill your flow. destroy your artistic life force. resemble the man trying to keep our brothers down. man. etc.

you get it.

Much Love,
Your friendly neighborhood Alannaman.

P.S. I like this color layout purely because it's called Jedi Cloak.

We need to find a way to get the curly fries to the food fest, savvy? Now, suggest ideas and we will... reward you somehow....

Not Your Neighborhood Alannaman

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